Students in Silver Diner Headquarters

Jean R. Green III, Provost of George Mason University, the freshly restored eating center is extremely practical and also attractive. Several pupils have gotten various letters of appreciation for the lifestyle and health care supplied by the restaurant as well as the individual service offered by the dining staff at the Silver Diner.

The dining facility is located in a new complex on the major campus of George Mason. The Dining Center for Students is a new student real estate and study center that offer lots of benefits including a total dining center, laundry facilities, and also a collection.

Along with liing within the pupil housing complex the dining establishment uses lots of solutions such as an onsite lunchroom and a clubhouse. The eating hall is made use of by lots of pupils throughout lunch breaks and the clubhouse is a great area to hold an occasion. The trainees are enabled to being in a designated area as well as the visitor chef will certainly prepare any kind of unique dish that the trainees might desire. The restaurant supplies complete and half rounded dishes along with snacks.

Pupils have made a number of recommendations to the managers of the eating. Most trainees have actually suched as the ambience, the food and also the service given by the dining establishment.

Among the largest complaints about the brand-new eating center is the lack of storage area for items that they would need throughout their lunch hours. Some trainees have bought additional chairs for the day to make sure that they do not need to make use of the storage area to compose their lunch.

Trainees have actually likewise shared a concern over the quantity of money that the pupils pay each semester to be able to eat at the new center. The restaurant is operated by the college, it does not get any of the financial help that would usually be supplied for an eating facility on school.

Pupils have complained concerning needing to wait till they are late for their meals. When a pupil comes in early, they are usually informed to leave early due to the fact that they do not really feel comfy waiting in that small area. Some trainees that are trainees also complain about the amount of workers that work in the dining area and also just how little the food is planned for them.

Students have requested that the pupils' dining location be closed when they are functioning. They have actually asked that there be an indicator outside of the structure specifying that the trainees are not allowed to utilize the kitchen for any cooking tasks while they are functioning. There are no strategies at this time to shut the cooking area. George Mason University is continuing its examination into whether this new center is an appropriate place for students to consume.

The managers for the university wish to learn through trainees concerning their trainee's needs. After pupils have the ability to report on their experiences with the restaurant, they will certainly be able to see if there are any modifications that can be made in order to make the eating area extra comfy for students. Pupils who enjoy with the dining area's existing services can assist provide responses to the managers.


Several trainees seem like they are being brushed aside by the monitoring at the restaurant. The supervisor has not reacted to any kind of requests for help pertaining to problems that pupils are having with the personnel or their dining area. Pupils have suggested that the trainees should have the ability to rest with the kitchen supervisor throughout dish times to ask concerns.

Several students do not like the fact that they have to wait until late prior to they Silverware HQ are offered. Although a few of these troubles have been fixed, trainees are still dissatisfied. The pupils who were not able to satisfy the assumptions of the administration in the dining area reported that the eating center does not offer them with enough storage room for their recipes.

When there is a trouble with the staff, the eating center is not helpful in assisting the students to fix the issue. A variety of pupils grumbled about needing to wait till the next morning prior to the monitoring team appears to settle the trouble. The monitoring was unable to address any kind of concerns regarding their dining establishment.

The trainees are enabled to rest in an assigned location as well as the guest chef will certainly prepare any special meal that the trainees may have in mind. Some trainees who are students additionally complain regarding the amount of staff members that work in the eating area and also how little the food is prepared for them.

Pupils have actually requested that the trainees' eating area be shut when they are working. After trainees are able to report on their experiences with the dining establishment, they will certainly be able to see if there are any kind of changes that can be made in order to make the eating area extra comfy for students. Students have suggested that the students should be able to rest with the kitchen manager during dish times to ask inquiries.